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Car park cleaning services
  • Graffiti removal
  • Signage & canopy cleaning
  • Gully cleaning
  • Litter picking
  • Waste management
  • Oil spillage removal
  • Grease & grime removal
  • Chewing gum removal

Car park cleaning in Blackpool & the Fylde Coast area

We understand that in a public facing environment first impressions count! Especially where your customers are concerned. Our expertise of car park cleaning with pressure washing machinery; ensures we can completely wash away all grime, dirt and build-up from the car park area, including high level and hard to reach areas.

Invest in our car park cleaning services

CSE Power Washing can provide you with a regular car park cleaning program that will restore and maintain your car park; in turn this will save you money on repairs, and prolong the life-span of your car park. By investing in a regular car park cleaning service you will save your car park from the damage caused by petrol, oil or diesel leakage. With regular car park cleaning the build up of carbon monoxide residues on walls and floor surfaces can be reduced.

When it comes to cleaning car parks, there is the added problem of grease, motor oil, fuel and tyre rubber staining the car park surface. We make sure we use the right solutions and techniques to completely remove all of these contaminants.

Chewing gum removal & graffiti removal in Blackpool & the Fylde Coast

Chewing gum and graffiti are the eyesore of every car park from Blackpool to Land’s End. We can remove the annoying hazard of chewing gum and erase graffiti by using our high powered industrial pressure cleaners. Regular maintenance is far cheaper than eventual replacement!

If you are in or around Blackpool and would like to restore your car park please call 0800 7819871 or complete our "get an instant quote" form.